The estate has 158 apartments consisting of 1, 2, 3 and 4 rooms. It was built before 31st December 1991 and is a part of the municipality of Copenhagen. This means that the Housing Regulation Act applies, and rent is regulated (that is, it cannot be set higher than the costs in connection with letting the apartment). If in doubt as to whether you are paying too much rent, you can check your rent here.

In addition there is also a laundry room, a party room and a bike-repair room.

An association, Ejerforeningen Aldersrogade, represents all owners living in the estate. The Annual General Assembly is held every year before the end of April.

There are also some rental apartments in the estate.

You can read the estate’s Condition Report and 10 Year Maintenance Plan (in Danish).

You can read about the municipality’s local plan for the area (in Danish).

Apartment owners may change, modernize and improve their units, including moving or removing non-separating rooms to the extent that this is not to the detriment of other owners or the stability of the building.

Making changes to the facade such as colours, windows, exterior of doors, balconies, etc. requires written approval from the board. It is, however, permissible to paint the inner walls of the balconies white or light gray shades without requiring an approval from the board.

An approval from the board is also required, if you plan to move your kitchen to a completely different room.

The apartment owner is obliged to obtain written permission from the government building authorities in cases where such is required. You can check to see if your project requires approval or not here: (in Danish)