Digital parking permits can be purchased by filling out the application form on the “Apply for Permit” tab. Validity is one year and cost is the same throughout the year.

Parking permits are only valid for the lots belonging to the estate.

Terms and conditions

  1. Only one permit is allowed per apartment, and it can only be used by residents for their own cars (i.e. the resident is listed as the owner or primary user of the vehicle on the registration certificate). If the vehicle is a company car, a certificate from the employer must be presented to confirm ownership and availability. Residents may not purchase permits for anyone who is not a resident, e.g. parents (even if they own the apartment), or partners (even if they visit often). We do not have guest parking.
  2. The estate only has space for approximately 54 cars and 2 motorcycles. Should the situation arise that there are more applicants than available spaces, these are managed on a first come, first served basis.
  3. If you change car, it is your responsibility to inform the board about the new license plate number and registration papers (first page) of your new car so that it can be registered in the system. This can also be in connection to e.g. when using a temporary rental car or changing a leased car.
  4. As a starting point, the same parking rules apply to motorcycles as to all other motor vehicles. Motorcycles must be parked in the designated MC bay. It is not permitted to park motorcycles elsewhere on the property (e.g. in the basement, in the garden, behind the gates, etc.)
  5. The vehicle must not weigh more than 2500 kg.
  6. If you or your guest get a fine and wish appeal, you must contact Q-park directly.
  7. Electric cars must be parked in the one of the four spots that are reserved for electric cars (first come, first served basis).
    • The maximum charging limit is 24 hours per charge. Going over this limit will result in the issuance of a warning. After three warnings, the car will be put on a quarantine list for a month, whereby you may not use the chargers in the estate.
  8. There is no guarantee that you will get a permit even if you have had one previously.
  9. Parking permits for the new calendar year can be obtained from 1st December and onward. Any application prior to this date will be for the current year, and those requesting for permits for the new calendar year will not be processed.

The Board reserves the right to revoke a resident’s parking permit at any point during the year if it is deemed that he/she is not the driver of the registered car, or if the rules are not observed. The payment for the permit will be forfeited, and the resident(s) of the apartment will not be allowed to purchase a permit for the following year.

SOLDOUT for 2024
You can still submit your application to get on the waiting list. We will contact you as soon as a spot becomes available.

Parking permits for the new calendar year can be obtained every year from 1st December.

  1. Fill in the below application form and await an answer on whether there is an available lot.
  2. If a parking lot is available, transfer 750kr to the association’s Sydbank bank account 8075 – 1684541 (remember to include your block/unit number and the text “parking“). A permit for motorcycles costs 375kr if it is parked within the parking area dedicated to motorcycles.
  3. Send an email to the Board with proof of payment within 1 week (e.g. a screenshot) .
  4. You will receive an email confirmation from Q-Park when your car is registered in the system. Please remember to check your junk folder.

You may apply for a yellow zone resident parking permit on the Copenhagen municipality’s website instead if there are no available lots left.

We do not have guest permits, so guests will need to park along Sigynsgade instead, which is a yellow zone. Since the municipal has decided to stop providing ticket machines on our street, one will have to purchase tickets using the Easy Park app.

You can see what it costs to park in the yellow zone in the table below:

More info here and here.

Vehicles with a clear logo of the construction company may, within normal working hours, park in the private car park if there are available lots.