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Our once peaceful neighbourhood has taken a turn for the worse lately. A small group of young people invaded our estate and are selling drugs amongst other things, and understandably this has caused some concern.

We have been in touch with the local police, and their suggestion is to let them know this is our place, simply by showing them our presence.

We need your help to solve this problem!

The board would, therefore, like to call upon everyone to be extra vigilant, and contact the police should anything out of the ordinary be observed.

It must be in everybody’s interest to take back our estate from its invaders.

Anyone who is found on the property without a valid reason must be expelled immediately.

Call the police on phone 114 and they will send a squad to evaluate the situation.

(The more people who call the greater the effect)

The local sector officers can also be contacted, their names are Jesper and Jonas.

Jesper can be contacted directly on phone 7258 9624 or via email jch048@politi.dk.

Jonas can be contacted directly on phone 7258 8132 or via email jpk004@politi.dk.

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