The party room may only be rented by people who are either owners in the estate, or who are registered as tenants in an approved rental contract / a contract from Miljøbo A/S. It is located behind the iron gate, between blocks 48 and 50.

It costs 1,500kr rent + 3,000kr deposit. The renter of the room will be liable for damages of furniture, fixtures, inventory, installations, lack of tidying / cleaning, etc. In the event of inadequate cleaning, 500kr will be charged per commenced hour it takes to perform the cleaning.

Payment for the rental of the party room will be charged to your monthly contributions (for owners) or via the rent (for tenants) after the date of the party/event.

The party room can be booked easily as follows:

  1. Press the date field and choose the THURSDAY in the weekend you wish to book the room.
  2. If the room is available on that date, you will get the option “Book“, otherwise please choose another date.
  3. Fill in all the required fields* in the form and click the “Book” button at the bottom.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after with the rules and further information. Check that the mail did not end up in your junk folder.

The party room cannot be leased on New Year’s Eve. You will receive an email, if your booking is not possible for one reason or another.

Write to if you have questions!

When the booking is confirmed, you will get 1 set of keys delivered to your postbox on on the Thursday morning before the weekend of the lease.

The set of keys must be returned in the mail slot at the caretaker’s office (basement between 44 and 46) by the following Monday.

Upon receipt of the keys, the renter must verify that the condition of the room is in order (including overall cleanliness) and ensure that all things are present as per the inventory list. One should also check if there are things that are not working. If something is not working, if things are missing, or if the room is not cleaned, etc., report to the Board immediately after the takeover of the room. Take pictures where possible. It will, however, not always be possible to fix all the issues in time.

The party room is located behind the iron gate of entrance no.50.

Terms and conditions for rental of the party room

  • The responsibility of the party room falls on the renter from the moment of the takeover of the room till the room is inspected after the end of the lease. The room may only be used for private arrangements.
  • The renter is responsible for the party room, the associated terrace, and the area by the entrance door incl. the door of the metal gate. The metal gate must not be blocked, and the locking system must not be put out of order. To let guests in and out, the intercom must be used.
  • The renter is also responsible for ensuring that no one is loitering or assembling in the basement area that can be accessed from the party room.
  • The fire authorities have approved the room for a maximum of 40 people. It is, therefore, not allowed to have more than 40 people in the party room and on the terrace.
  • Smoking
    • It is forbidden to smoke inside the party room, the basement areas, by the stairs, etc.
    • It is not permitted to smoke in the area by the entrance door / metal gate.
    • Smoking is only allowed on the terrace.
  • Music
    • It is not permitted to play music with the doors and windows opened.
    • The music must be turned down after 1am in the weekends, and after 10pm on weekdays.
  • The renter is responsible for his/her guests and their whereabouts throughout the property.
  • The party room must be tidied up and cleaned after use (see list on following page).

Violation of the above rules will be considered a violation of the house rules, and lessees of the party room could be barred for 2 years from booking the room.

Prior to delivery of the keys, the lessee must tidy and clean up the party room according to the non-exhaustive list below:

Tidying up

  • The garbage bins must be emptied in the kitchen and toilets.
  • Do not leave food scraps or drinks. bags, paper plates / cups, etc. in the kitchen.
  • The fridge and freezer must be emptied, switched off, and left with the doors opened.
  • All inventory must be cleaned and put in back in the right place, as per the inventory list.
  • The terrace must be cleared of bottle caps, waste and other debris (incl. cigarette butts).
  • Anything that is broken must be reported to the Board to assess the extent of the damage.
  • Waste (such as bottles, bottle caps, napkins, etc.) on the floor must be removed.
  • Garbage bags filled with waste and empty cans/bottles must be removed from the room.
  • The party room must be cleared of tables and chairs. Tables are to be stacked at the far end of
    the room, and chairs in the area below the stairs.

    • Chairs and tables must be cleaned (incl. underneath).
    • Tape and paper residues are removed from the tables.

Cleaning up

  • The floors must be swept (kitchen, main area, hallway upstairs and downstairs, toilets).
  • The floors must be mopped (kitchen, main area, hallway upstairs and downstairs, toilets).
  • The toilet bowls must be cleaned.
  • Sinks must be cleaned (kitchen and toilet).
  • The cabinets must be wiped.
  • Windowsills, walls, etc. must be cleaned.
  • The fridge and freezer must be cleaned.
  • The stove and oven must be cleaned.
The terrace
The entrance


The wardrobe
The party room
The party room
The kitchen
The kitchen
The kitchen
The toilets

Music player with CD-player and Bluetooth so one can connect one’s telephone wirelessly and use eg. Spotify.