There are several entrances problems with odors, bacteria and pests in the rubbish chutes. This is because of food scraps and other garbage inside the chutes, which smells that like they are a breeding ground for bacteria and stingy for pests. If we all adhere to the following simple guidelines, we can help to prevent germs:

  • use thick garbage bags
  • tie up the bags properly
  • do not push the bags in too hard
  • pack in smelly garbage (e.g. old food or diapers) even better

Liquids, newspapers, advertisements, phone books, cardboard boxes, pizza boxes, crockery, jars, bottles, etc. should not be disposed in the chute.

If the above guidelines are not followed, the rubbish chute will be closed.

If you have lost your shaft key, you can buy one at most key and shoe repair and hardware stores.

The Owner’s Association ensures that the rubbish chutes are cleaned regularly, and that air fresheners are used.