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Be extra vigilant!

Springtime is finally here and that means it’s that time of the year when we start to have more issues than usual. Therefore, please call the POLICE on phone 114 in case of... READ MORE

Bicycle cleanup

In week #9 all bicycles will be tagged. All bicycles without an owner (indicated by the non-removal of the tag) will be removed on marts 25th. If your bike is flat or broken... READ MORE

Ventilation cleaning 2020

In weeks 37 and 38 the ventilation system will be cleaned. Date and time is specified in the letter that everyone received by mail.   Week #37 Monday 36-38-40 Tuesday 42-44-46 Wednesday 48-50-52... READ MORE

New administration and service

From 1/6-2020 the administration will be managed by ØENS and service will be taken care of by JØRGEN FRIIS. All owners will receive further information regarding these changes in the coming week. If... READ MORE