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Bicycle cleanup

All bicycles and prams will be tagged. Bicycles and prams without an owner (indicated by the non-removal of the tag) will be removed medio October. If your bike is flat or broken it... READ MORE

Radiators closed for summer

15. maj is national summer close-day and like last year we will follow suite and close our own system, to keep costs down. Typicaly the radiators will be turned on again end-September, depending... READ MORE

Communal Work Saturday

Our estate needs your help for some practical tasks such as painting, fixing the fence, gardening, inventory checking, etc. It is of course, not just work and no play, as we want to... READ MORE

General assembly 2022

This years general assembly will take place on Wednesday the 6th of April at 18.00 in the party room.   Got some good ideas? Or maybe you feel like helping out, then show... READ MORE