Paper containers have moved

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The containers for paper have moved in together with all the other containers in the garbage room at nr.36, all garbage can now be delivered easily in one place. Glass still has to go into the common container for glass … Continued

Exit blocked!

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The board has decided to close off one of the exists to our parking area. This is done to reduce the amount of racing and the dangerous situations caused by this. Besides the racing, we also hope this will have … Continued

More blockage

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The municipal has added extra blockage around Krakas plads to prevent motor vehicles from passing through.     Hopefully this will put an and to the crazy drivers in the area!


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Rats have been seen around the estate. If you see rats, or other unwanted creepy crawlies, be sure to report this to our caretaker and the board. (In view of the rats problem, it is forbidden to feed birds on … Continued

Energy renovation

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All lights around the estate is currently being switched from conventional technology to more environmentally friendly LEDs, which will eventually give us a significant saving in electricity consumption. In addition, the lights in the basements and corridors will be triggered … Continued

Shaft key

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As a service the board has purchased a small stash of shaft keys. If you are an owner and did not get a key when moving in, then write us an email and we will deliver one to you.   … Continued

Speed bumps

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As most of you have probably already seen (or heard!), the government are currently hard at work on the new speed bumps on Sigynsgade. To my knowledge there will be five bumps when they are done.   Fingers crossed that … Continued

Graffiti, tags

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If you see graffiti, tags or other forms of vandalism either on the property, in the vicinity of Sigynsgade, or at Krakas Square, please inform the board about this so we can alert the municipality about the problem.

Installation of fence

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Wednesday next week (26.07.17) a fence and gate will be erected around the area at nr.66.   *update* Today (01.08.17) the lock should work with all existing keys.