The estate is equipped with the basic package from YouSee, paid from the common costs of the owner, the price is currently around 2000,- a year (2020).

Alternative providers are possible, have a look at these.

If you want other TV packages from YouSee, the owner / tenant should contact YouSee directly. This also applies for all other questions.
To discontinue your subscription or signup with YouSee please contact the estate administration. is our prefered Internet provider, signup here.

Alternatively, YouSee orĀ Hiper can deliver Internet via the aerial socket, traditional xDSL connections from example Fastspeed is also an option via the telephone plug.

When setting up your wireless router, it may be a good idea to check which channels (1-13/14) is in use in the area so that they do not overlap and thus, have lower speeds.

Alternatively, if you have the opportunity, switch to 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz, as these are both quieter and have far more channels.

Read more regarding WiFi and chosing the correct router here.