We are one community, consisting of the owners’ association “Aldersrogade 37-39” and the housing rental company “Miljø Bo“.

The property and the common areas are the responsibility of us all. It is important that you make contact and draw attention to any problems or if something does not work so that it can be resolved as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or wishes, please also contact us. Remember that contact persons are different, depending on whether you are the owner or tenant. If you are subletting from a private person, your own landlord must be contacted.

In the following table you can see who to contact and where the necessary information can be found.


Administration 32 46 46 42


64 76 21 64


Janitor 93 97 55 85


35 29 80 00


EMERGENCY contact 50 59 76 88 35 29 80 01
Estate admin portal www.probo.dk
Homepage www.sigynsgade36-66.dk
The board bestyrelsen@sigynsgade36-66.dk