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New administration and service

From 1/6-2020 the administration will be managed by ØENS and service will be taken care of by JØRGEN FRIIS. All owners will receive further information regarding these changes in the coming week. If... READ MORE

Radiators closed for summer

15. maj is national summer close-day and like last year we will follow suite and close our own system, to keep costs down. Typicaly the radiators will be turned on again end-September, depending... READ MORE

Router and WiFi

Below prices are from WINTER 2019 ———————————————– ~450,-NETGEAR R6220 ~1100,-Asus Blue Cave (Combine with “ASUS RP-AC55” ~400,- for a cheap AiMesh-network) ~2200,-Asus ROG Rapture GT ~3700,-Netgear Nighthawk RAX200 ~2000,- Mesh WiFi options. ASUS... READ MORE