Latest news

Fiber Internet have begun work on our new fiber-internet solution. Information about this has been delivered to everybody. Everybody will be notified directly by before they need access to the appartment and when... READ MORE

Rebuilding of laundry room

Currently the laundry room is being rebuild.This is happening because the adjacent apartments can claim space from the laundry.The functionality of the laundry room will not be affected.Sorry about the mess. READ MORE

Objects in stairwells

It has been decided that objects will be removed from the stairwells, do to fire regulations. It is allowed to have a doormat and shoes by the door. On the groundfloor, behind the... READ MORE

Communal Work Saturday

Our estate needs your help for some practical tasks such as painting, fixing the fence, gardening, inventory checking, etc. It is of course, not just work and no play, as we want to... READ MORE