The estate uses affiliated company IP EJENDOMSSERVICE to handle the caretaker role.

Service is managed by John.

Telephone contact

The caretaker can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday between 07:3009:00.

Telephone 3529 8000

Mail contact

The caretaker can be contacted at the following email: ejendomsservice@ip.dk


For EMERGENCIES outside office hours, the caretaker can be contacted at telephone number 3529 8001.

The Board of the Estate can be contacted via the following e-mail: sigynsgade@gmail.com

The Administrator of the Estate is IP ADMINISTRATION.

Contact person: Susanne Fischer

Telephone: 3529 8006.

Mail: suf@ip.dk

The estate’s documents such as summaries, accounting, statutes, rules etc., are now available online at www.iponline.dk.

Username: bb0407 Password: bb0407

Miljøbo A/S
Svanevej 10-12
5690 Tommerup

Telephone: 64 76 21 64

Email: kontakt@miljo-bo.dk


Jane Colbe Riddersholm (Estate administrator): r@miljo-bo.dk

Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9 – 15 hrs
Friday: 9 – 12 hrs

Always contact the caretaker as the first cause of action and the problem will be looked into.

In case of acute problems with the elevator, please contact Trio El & Elevator A/S at 6168 4812 (24hr service number).

Our local police officers Jesper and Jonas can be contacted either by phone or mail.

Jesper can be contacted directly via phone 7258 9624 or via email jch048@politi.dk.

Jonas can be contacted directly via phone 7258 8132 or via email jpk004@politi.dk.

In case of failure of lighting e.g. on the streets or at Krakas Plads, please contact Copenhagen Municipality via email belysning@tmf.kk.dk.

If you notice large quantities of garbage by the glass recycling container, please contact Copenhagen Municipality via mail tmf@tmf.kk.dk.

In case of any issues, Q-Park’s customer service can be contacted around the clock by phone at +45 7025 7213. The same number can be used if you notice an illegally parked car in our estate.

If you have issues regarding circulars, please contact the distributors directly and file a complaint:


If you see graffiti or tags anywhere on our estate, please take a picture and send this to the janitor so that we can address the problem.

Should you see graffiti anywhere on the street itself, around Kraks plads etc. then please send an email (again with picture and a littledescription of where it is) directly to robert@elleby.dk and it will be taken care of.