Be extra vigilant!

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Springtime is finally here and that means it’s that time of the year when we start to have more issues than usual. Therefore, please call the POLICE on phone 114 in case of any troubler with the youngsters who are … Continued

Fiber Internet

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*UPDATE* As most of you have probably noticed the connection is now active! have begun work on our new fiber-internet solution. Information about this has been delivered to everybody. Everybody will be notified directly by before they need … Continued

Rebuilding of laundry room

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Currently the laundry room is being rebuild.This is happening because the adjacent apartments can claim space from the laundry.The functionality of the laundry room will not be affected.Sorry about the mess.

Objects in stairwells

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It has been decided that objects will be removed from the stairwells, do to fire regulations. It is allowed to have a doormat and shoes by the door. On the groundfloor, behind the the stairs, transportation devices such as strollers … Continued

Generalforsamling 2019

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Dette års generalforsamling afholdes denne gang mandag den 18. marts kl. 19.00 i festlokalet.   Hvis du går og gemmer på en masse idéer, eller måske har lyst til at give en hånd med i bestyrelsen så mød op og … Continued

Bhangra Fitness

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Come and join the first event of the year at our estate! Bhangra is a traditional and energetic folk dance from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan that is now also a popular dance fitness in e.g. the UK … Continued

Cleaning of ventilation system

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The cleaning of the missing parts of the ventilation system [36-46] must now be completed. A warning has been sent to affected residents around this. After cleaning the ventilation system, it must be regulated to ensure that it ventilates properly … Continued

Fiber Internet!

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** LAST SIGN-UP DATE IS FEBRUARY 28TH ** What are you currently paying for your internet connection and how fast is it? For comparison YouSee 90/60 connection costs (289 x 12) 3468,- a year, compared to just (149 x 12) 1788,- … Continued

Drugs on the estate!

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We would all appreciate it greatly if those who enjoy a smoke from time to tome would choose NOT to buy from the local drug-lords. As long as they have regulars they will continue to hang-out and harass people. Can … Continued

Paper containers have moved

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The containers for paper have moved in together with all the other containers in the garbage room at nr.36, all garbage can now be delivered easily in one place. Glass still has to go into the common container for glass … Continued